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ЂFor whatever deserves to exist deserves also to be known, for knowledge is the image of existence; and things mean and splendid exist alike.ї Ц Francis Bacon (1561-1626).
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05 MARCH 2 0 1 7 :: N-1 / Nomma (2017, R097 CD/DD)

OUT NOW - CD/DD! RAIG is proud to present: "Nomma", the first professionally manufactured album by impro-instrumental rock-band N-1 from Krefeld, Germany. The original sessions were performed and recorded live-in-studio by Udo Hanten (synths), Steven Hein (guitar), Thorsten Marach (drums), and Maziar Yazdkhasti (bass) in December 2016. Resulted tracks were mixed, mastered and later edited especially for RAIG by Steven Hein. This is a huge instrumental tour-de-force covering a broad spectrum of modern instrumental and improvised music - from space-psyche-trip-rock and motoric kraut-rock to avant-rock and experimental rock. The lovers of free and open forms of music-art, as well as original contents, will enjoy this recording for sure. CD (8 tracks Ц 76 min.) comes in a full-color 4-panel cardboard folder. $13.00 + shipping.


29 JANUARY 2 0 1 7 :: Medulla / Remnant (2017, R096 CD/DD)

RAIG is proud to present: "Remnant", stunning debut album by the Texas-born, Germany-based modern-prog band MEDULLA from Berlin. It presents music that is both intellectually challenging and emotionally accessible, combining influences and inspirations from intricate Art-Prog-Rock, melodic Alternative-Rock, and tantalizing Experimental-Rock. This is an exciting and deeply personalized lyrical work by focused and inspired musicians that can't be ignored. CD (7 tracks Ц 50 min.) comes in a full-color 4-panel cardboard folder. $13.00 + shipping.


09 SEPTEMBER 2 0 1 6 :: Aican / Don't Go Deep Into The Forest (2016, R095 CD/DD)

RAIG is proud to present: "Don't Go Deep Into The Forest", the 2nd studio album by the Russian three-piece instrumental band AICAN from Yekaterinburg, the capital of the Urals. This is a conceptual album telling a fairy tale about the travelling through a mysterious forest full of secrets, magic, temptations, and strange creatures... Follow AICAN through their mystical voyage and enjoy all instrumental music that absorbs and transforms influences from diverse progressive and experimental musical styles. CD (4 tracks Ц 52 min.) comes in a full-color 4-panel cardboard folder. $13.00 + shipping.


05 AUGUST 2 0 1 6 :: Alex's Hand / Kunstler Scheisse (2016, R094 CD/DD)

RAIG is proud to present: "Kunstler Scheisse", the 3rd studio album by the US-born and currently Germany-based avant-prog band ALEX'S HAND. This one is far more orchestrated than other band's albums, a bit more refined and more complicated. The band happens to be humorous and funny on the surface, yet incredibly intricate in terms of their compositional and arrangement ideas. "Kunstler Scheisse" doesn't really fit here or there, its subgenre classifications fall short. And why does it matter anyway? Just listen to the music... CD (8 tracks Ц 62 min.) comes in a full-color 4-panel cardboard folder. $13.00 + shipping.


Expert Evidences
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April 08 :: Medulla "Remnant" (2017, R096) by Achim Breiling @ Babyblaue-Seiten (Germany)
April 02 :: N-1 "Nomma" (2017, R097) by Achim Breiling @ Babyblaue-Seiten (Germany)
March 27 :: N-1 "Nomma" (2017, R097) by Andreas Schiffmann @ Musikreviews.de (Germany)
March 26 :: Aican "Don't Go Deep Into The Forest" (2016, R095) by Achim Breiling @ Babyblaue-Seiten (Germany)
March 20 :: N-1 "Nomma" (2017, R097) by Carry Munter @ New Underground Music (The Netherlands)
March 16 :: N-1 "Nomma" (2017, R097) by Cesar Inca Mendoza Loyola a @ Autopoietican (Peru)
February 20 :: Medulla "Remnant" (2017, R096) by Carry Munter @ New Underground Music (The Netherlands)
February 16 :: Medulla "Remnant" (2017, R096) by Andreas Schiffmann @ Musikreviews.de (Germany)
January 30 :: Medulla "Remnant" (2017, R096) by Marc Roy @ ProGGnosis (USA)
January 30 :: Vespero "Lique Mekwas" (2016, R092) by Michele Merenda @ Arlequins (Italy)

Camera Eye
Just a little spot for official videos, live footages, fan-arts, etc.


February 28 :: N-1

"Entkorkt" is one of a very few videos by impro-instrumental band N-1 from Krefeld, Germany. This track originally appeared on "...es ist aus dem Trash entsprungen" album (July 2008). Idea & story by Klaus Engers and Steven Hein; production by Tobias Bohlmann and Steven Hein. Keep an eye on the upcoming new CD-album by N-1 "Nomma" (R.A.I.G. Records, R097).


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