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As of September 25, 2020, all R.A.I.G. social media accounts, including on Facebook, Instagram, VK, Youtube, etc., are officially deleted.
We decided to switch off because modern social media advocate a particular way of being connected to the way that we do not want to support anymore. We think that modern social networking platforms are not used for real communicating its just a channel of creating data, which is ultimately fed back to data brokers and marketers. We dont want to be locked in endless exchanges of trivial information, and we are exhausted with the necessity to sustain continuous flow of superficial thoughts, feelings and sensations in search of false likes from false friends. However, switching off is not the same as missing out, and we are far from being anti-social. We just share a deep belief in, and attachment to, a different way of socializing the way that is focused on free expression and live intellect, as well as on human friendships and relationships, when we take charge of when and where to connect with people. Given the angst-ridden nature of frenetic social networking, we could all benefit from slowing down and taking stock more often!

OUT NOW :: 15 SEPTEMBER 2 0 1 9 :: Another Peculiar Travel Suggestion / Rain Circling around God (2019, AT056 DD)
"Rain Circling Around God" is a 2-track digital EPS to commemorate Russian composer Vladimir Konovkin (02.11.1967 - 15.09.2018), amazing keyboard/synthesizer performer and mastermind behind Kalutaliksuak ensemble. In early 2015, Vladimir decided to start his new instrumental music project for keyboards/synthesizers, assorted percussion and string instruments. The project, which received a working title ANOTHER PECULIAR TRAVEL SUGGESTION, slowly took shape but was interrupted following serious illness and untimely death of the musician. It happens that shortly before his death, Vladimir handed over to me (Igor G., R.A.I.G. owner) all drafts related to the project. We had not consider a real release that time because the original recordings were mostly in very poor technical condition and had to be re-recorded with additional performers. However, a year after Vladimir passed away and long hours spent to re-work those recordings, I feel that the tracks by ANOTHER PECULIAR TRAVEL SUGGESTION are ready for the release in both modern digital and old-fashioned physical formats. With all my sadness and pride, I present two previously unheard tracks from the upcoming double-album by Vladimir Konovkins ANOTHER PECULIAR TRAVEL SUGGESTION. It's free to download, although donations are welcome.

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December 04 :: HUMAN FACTOR

HUMAN FACTOR perform "A.L.F." from their "Let Nature Take Its Course" album of 2018. Recorded live on November 29, 2019 @ "Treibhaus" Luzern, Switzerland.


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Listen to recent RAIG's outputs in their entirety for free. If you like what you hear, order CD's or purchase DD's. More albums can be found on Official R.A.I.G. Bandcamp.

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